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Why choose to work with
UK Quality Infrastructure partners?

The UKQI comprises four institutions – BSI, NMRO, NPL and UKAS – with a truly global reputation for the integrity and quality of their work. The UKQI partners have the capacity, knowledge, approach and experience to deliver excellent results.


  • All UKQI partner institutions are EU-mandated bodies so are able to take on the full range of projects
  • All projects carry the weight of being led by a nationally-recognized institution
  • UKQI partners offer an unrivalled breadth of specialized expertise across all National Quality Infrastructure areas
  • UKQI partners provide personnel of a universally high quality – often fielding experts who are international committee members and who can therefore rightly be considered as world-leaders in their field

Seamless delivery

  • UKQI partners offer a 'one-stop-shop' model, so you will only deal with one key contact
  • The partners have built a track record of successfully delivering projects in all corners of the globe
  • They have the experience and flexibility to deliver programmes at all levels
  • Because of the shared heritage of UKQI institutions and their long experience of collaborative working, they provide highly integrated services

Added value

  • Because of their close working relationship with the UK Government, UKQI partners understand the government perspective and work well with governmental bodies
  • At the same time, all UKQI partner institutions are required to be commercial and bring that commercial acumen to their work with clients
  • In particular UKQI partners focus on helping clients get the best long-term value from their investment in building infrastructure capacity. They recognize that it is the private sector that will generate economic activity, so work to ensure that commercial businesses and organizations also benefit
  • UKQI partner institutions are all involved in shaping international developments in their respective fields, so the knowledge they share is leading-edge
  • Because the partners often write key standards and legislation, no one is better-placed to accurately interpret and oversee the implementation of international codes and standards
  • Because of the many senior roles that UKQI partner members play in international fora, they are also well-placed to provide clients with better access to the international quality infrastructure community
  • The high international reputation of UKQI partner institutions helps bring international recognition to those with whom they work

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