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Helping strengthen Rwanda's quality infrastructure and export capacity

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BSI has partnered with the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) to support a major reform of Rwanda's quality infrastructure.

During the first three-year phase (2012-2014), BSI provided strategic assistance and capacity building training courses. BSI also conducted countrywide standards awareness workshops for Rwanda’s private sector and ran training on food safety management systems and HACCP.

RSB’s organizational structure was upgraded and its scope of services considerably extended, and the private sector gained a greater understanding of the role and importance of standards.

BSI is now engaged in a second phase (2015-2017) with RSB consolidating the achievements of phase 1. This second phase is creating awareness and delivering capacity building to the private sector in areas like quality and food safety as well as building capacity in the use of testing equipment, upgrading RSB’s staff capacity to conduct quality and safety tests of Rwandan products.

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Helping strengthen Rwanda's quality infrastructure and export capacity