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Improving China's microwave antenna measurement facilities

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Scientific metrology

NPL partnered with the National Institute of Metrology (NIM) in China to install an antenna extrapolation range in Changping. NIM wanted to improve its microwave antenna measurement facilities – which provide the high accuracy essential for applications such as satellite communication and Earth remote sensing – and turned to NPL for expertise in range design, construction, installation, validation and training.

The extrapolation range is a chamber lined with radiation absorbing material. Its measurement system comprises a computer-controlled carriage on a precision rail guidance system. Over two years NPL made multiple site visits, produced over 300 design drawings, manufactured and tested hundreds of parts, and provided software, procedures, validation and training.

The completed range is now producing excellent results with very low measurement uncertainties. NIM believes it has greatly improved China’s national microwave measurement standards and represents a new highpoint in NIM infrastructure construction.

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Improving China's microwave antenna measurement facilities